Website Overview

Quick overview of features of the IT Society website and how the community can make use of it.


The IT Society website allows members of the community to contribute content---such as their personal profile and contact information, news items, events, dissertations, and other files---directly into the website itself.  All contributions can be reviewed before being published on the site.

General Usage

How can members of the IT community make use of this website?  The table below offers some suggestions and indicates the levels of access that are required.

Action/Requires Nothing Account Additional Permissions
Stay up to date   X    
Update profile    X  
Post news and events    X  
Post dissertation     X  
Manage a Committee or Chapter folder     X  X
Contribute to a Committee or Chapter folder     X  X
Manage a Conference folder     X  X
Contribute to a Conference folder     X  X

A ccounts

Basically, read access to all published content requires nothing.  Contributing basic content like biographical and contact information, news items, events, and dissertations requires an Account .

  • Accounts can be requested here .

P ermissions

Default Permissions on an Account limit write access to only certain parts of the site, but additional Permissions can be granted by the Online Editor(s).

  • To make a request for additional Permissions, send an email describing your role and what you want to accomplish to [email protected] .



This functionality is enabled by power software technology called a  content management system (CMS) .  The basic infrastructure of the site is provided by the open-source  Plone CMS , with customizations developed by  SixFeetUp, Inc.

Tutorials and Documentation

The first two Plone  movies  will familiarize you with the CMS in about 20 minutes, assuming you can stand people that talk and click really fast.  For those with more time on their hands, there are  several books and other documentation  on Plone as well.  The  Online Committee  will provide tailored tutorials and documentation as the community grows into it.