How to deal with reregistrations

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Discussion on how to deal with users who re-register or who have two accounts. Best practices for merging users, etc

As the system spins up, several users may end up with two accounts, because one was created for them or by them a while ago, and they forgot about it, or they accidentally reregistered (or had a proxy reregister for them).  What should the protocol be for merging two users?

  • If they have a profile set up with address and so on, and the old profile does not have too much auto-linked information, then it may be best to migrate the old account to the new account:
  1. Linked paper objects can be edited to change the author list (this will also move the paper award)
  2. Committee memberships have to be changed on a per-committee basis (also the dates of service)
  3. Disable the old account once the content is moved
  • If they have a profile set up but have also been on 57 different committees, then it would be easier to migrate the profile information to the existing account.
  1. Cut and paste all the profile information to the old account
  2. Disable the old account
  3. Send an email to the user with their correct account login and ask them to reset their password.
  • If they have a preference for a username/login, change the short name on the account after merging.