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Discussions of the Online Committee and Officers
"Useful" Announcements, News, and Events
What criteria should a news item or event satisfy in order to be published on the website and/or the announcements list? How do we define "useful" to the IT community
Profile Rules
What criteria should we use in allowing people to register their profile on the site?
Associate Online Editors
Similar to the Transactions, it may make sense to identify specific areas or content to be managed by Associate Online Editors. What areas make sense? At what stage of their career should an Associate Online Editor be? How long should the appointment be?
Standing Online Committee
What should be the charter, responsibilities, and timeline for a standing Online Committee? Membership?
Announcements Process
What should be the workflow of announcements among mailing list, website, and newsletter?
Acceptable Use and Copyright
What sort of agreement do we need to put in place with a person who registers with and contributes content to the site?
Homepage Shortcuts
What kinds of links should we have in the "Join - Participate - Contribute" box on the main webpage?
Homepage Slideshow
What kinds of images should we highlight in the slideshow on the main homepage?
Group Web Spaces
Which groups within the IT community can benefit from their own web spaces, and whom do we contact?
Content Responsibility
Who should be responsible for what content on the website?
How to deal with reregistrations
Discussion on how to deal with users who re-register or who have two accounts. Best practices for merging users, etc
Discussions saved for posterity.
What screencasts are worth creating for the purposes of documentation?
20090316 Release Feedback
Request for comments and feedback on the latest website release
ISIT 2009 Targets
What we can do at ISIT 2009 to get people aware/using the site.
A few upkeep items
Profiles for award winners needed
A list of profiles which we need to create with "official" information about past award winners. Some of these people are deceased, but some are living members with no photo, etc. Includes only Shannon/Wyner winners. Bios for paper award winners can come later.
Content Reorganization
Suggestions from President Andrea Goldsmith along with discussions among the Online Committe.
Reproducible Research Repository
Suggestion from Anant Sahai
Technical/other issues 2010
Some of these things may end up as Trac tickets, others are questions, some may be questions for the BoG. Add in your issues as well and we can sort them.