Conference Committee

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Conference Committee

The Conference Committee shall consist of the Society Conference Committee Chair, who shall serve as an ex-officio voting Board member, the Society Treasurer, the President and 1st Vice-President as ex-officio members, and at least two additional members. The Conference Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Nominations and Appointments Committee, with approval of the Board. In turn, the Conference Committee Chair will appoint at least two additional members, also with approval of the Board. Typically the chair and members of the Committee will serve for three years, with members serving in staggered terms.

While the Board retains responsibility for deciding on major policy issues and approving specific Symposium and Workshop proposals, the Conference Committee shall be responsible for providing oversight of technical meetings on behalf of the Board, including (i) making recommendations to the Board regarding Society sponsorship of proposed technical meetings, (ii) monitoring forthcoming technical meeting proposals, soliciting new proposals, and coordinating organizing teams as needed, (iii) maintaining helpful guidelines and suggestions for the preparation of proposals, for conducting Workshops and Symposia, and for preparing final reports, and (iv) ensuring that Board-approved policies governing technical meetings are properly followed by the organizers.

2015 Members
Elza Erkip
Chair (01/01/13 until 12/31/15)

Michelle Effros
Ex-Officio (01/01/15 until 12/31/15)

California Institute of Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering

Alon Orlitsky
Ex-Officio (01/01/15 until 12/31/15)

University of California San Diego (UCSD)

Daniela Tuninetti
Ex-Officio (01/01/15 until 12/31/17)
University of Illinois Chicago Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 851 S. Morgan Street, M/C 154 Chicago, IL 60607-7053, USA Tel. +1.312.413.7431 Fax: +1.312.996.6465
Jeffrey G Andrews
Member (01/01/14 until 12/31/16)

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin


Contact Information:
UT Austin WNCG, ENS 431
2501 Speedway, Stop C0806
Austin, TX 78712-1687

Phone: (512) 471-6500
Fax: (512) 471 6512

Albert Guillén i Fàbregas
Member (01/01/15 until 12/31/17)
Department of Information and Communications Technologies Universitat Pompeu Fabra C/Roc Boronat 138 08018 Barcelona, Spain tel: +34 93 5422965
Stephen Vaughan Hanly
Member (01/01/14 until 12/31/16)

Macquarie University, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, E6B, Rm 109 North Ryde, NSW 2109, Australia. 

Urbashi Mitra
Member (01/01/15 until 12/31/17)
Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering
3740 McClintock Avenue
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089
+1 213 740 4667
Member (01/01/13 until 12/31/15)


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