Claude E. Shannon Award Selection Committee

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Claude E. Shannon Award Selection Committee

The Claude E. Shannon Award Committee shall consist of the President (who shall serve as Chair), the 1st Vice-President, the 2nd Vice-President, and four other members appointed by the Nominations and Appointments Committee before January 15th. At least three of the appointed members shall be former Claude E. Shannon Award winners, and at least one of the appointed members shall be the current, or a former, Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory or the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory. Typically the appointed members of the Committee will serve for two years, in staggered terms.

The Committee is charged with deciding whether to name a Claude E. Shannon Award winner for the following year and with selecting a winner.

2006 Members
David Neuhoff
Ex-officio and Chair (01/01/06 until 12/31/06)
Ex-officio (01/01/06 until 12/31/07)

Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Hawaii

Bixio Rimoldi
Ex-officio (01/01/05 until 12/31/06)


Thomas M. Cover, (1938-2012)
Member (01/01/06 until 12/31/07)

Electrical Engineering Dept.
Stanford University
350 Serra Mall, #254
Stanford, CA 94305-9510

G. David Forney, Jr.
Member (01/01/05 until 12/31/06)


Robert J. McEliece
Member (01/01/06 until 12/31/07)

Allen E. Puckett Professor and Professor of Electrical Engineering
California Institute of Technology

Jack Keil Wolf, (1935-2011)
Member (01/01/05 until 12/31/06)

Center for Magnetic Recording Research

University of California, San Diego

9500 Gilman Drive

La jolla, CA 92093-0407

Phone (858) 534 6218


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