IT BoG meeting @ ITA 2012, UCSD

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IT BoG meeting @ ITA 2012, UCSD

Start: 02/ 5/12 - 7:00 AM
End: 02/ 5/12 - 12:00 PM
Location: Catamaran Resort, near UCSD
Location URL:

12:00-1:00: Lunch at the Catamaran Resort

President's and Treasurer's Reports

1:00-1:10 Meeting and introductions

BoG VOTE: approval of the BoG minutes ITW Paraty, October 17, 2011

BoG VOTE: approval of the agenda

1:10-1:20: President's Report [Medard]

1:20-1:30 Treasurer's Report [Yener]

Reports of Standing Committees

1:30-1:40: Membership and Chapters [El Gamal and Kramer]

1:40-1:50 Outreach and WITHITS [Erkip for Kliewer, and Medard for Fragouli]

1:50-2:00: Nominations and Appointments [Kschischang] Report, Slides

2:00-2:10: Fellows [Johanneson for Willems]

2:10-2:20: Online [Laneman for Bloch]

2:20-2:30: Students 

2:30-3:00: Coffee/beach break

3:00-3:10: Conference [Hajek] report (No items for vote, seeking suggestions for an ITW 2013.)

Standing Items 


3:10-3:30:  Ad hoc committee to look into potential opportunities for the IT Society to advocate activities [Effros]

3:30-3:50: Business brought forward by members of BoG

3:50-4:10: Other business

4:10: Adjournment