Meeting Agenda

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Agenda, Meeting of the Board of Governors of the IEEE Information Theory Society, Seattle, WA, July 9, 2006.


  • July 9, 2006
  • Westin Hotel, Seattle
  • Elliott Bay Room
  • Lunch at 12:30pm, Meeting Begins at 1:30pm


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting [PDF]
  3. Presidents Report and Announcements (Neuhoff) [PDF,version2]
  4. New Appointments (Neuhoff)
  5. Treasurer's Report (Medard) [PDF]
  6. Symposia and Workshops (Fossorier)
    • ISIT 2009 Seoul (No, Poor) [PDF]
    • ITW 2008 Portugal (McLaughlin) [PDF]
    • ISIT 2008 Toronto (Kschischang) [PDF]
    • ITW 2007 Norway (Torleiv Klove) [PDF]
    • ISIT 2007 France (Caire, Fossorier) [PDF]
    • ITW 2006 China (Costello) [PDF]
    • ISIT 2006 Seattle (Anderson, O'Sullivan)
    • ITW 2006 Uruguay (Seroussi)
    • ITW 2005 Japan (Imai) [PDF]
    • ISIT 2005 Australia (Grant)
    • ITW 2005 New Zealand (Speidel, Taylor) [PDF]
    • Technical Co-Sponsorships
      • WiOpt (Ephremides) [PDF], NetCod 2007 (Zeger) [PDF], CISS, Allerton, ITA
  7. Conference Issues (Fossorier) [PDF]
    • Registration fee member/nonmembers differentials
    • On site membership promotions
  8. Online Access to Conference Proceedings (Neuhoff) [PDF: report from DLN] [PDF: IEEE pricing recommendation)]
  9. IT Society Website and Online Editor (Laneman) [Link]
  10. Student Committee (Goldsmith) [PDF]
  11. Awards Committee (Rimoldi): Paper Award [PDF (BoG Only)], Chapter of the Year Award [PDF (BoG Only)]
  12. Proposed Change to Chapter of the Year Award (Fossorier) [PDF]
  13. Editor-in-Chief's Report (Poor) [PDF]
  14. Ad-Hoc Committee on Transactions Growth (Vardy) [PDF]
  15. Availability of Classic Information Theory Books
  16. Nominations: Slate of BoG Candidates (Imai) [PDF (BoG Only)]
  17. Nomination of New Officers (McLaughlin)
  18. New Business
  19. Adjourn