BoG Meeting, Sept. 23, 2008, Champaign

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Agenda and documents for the third and last 2008 BoG meeting


Agenda, Board of Governors Meeting, IEEE Information Theory Society, Sept. 23, 2008, Champaign, IL

Presentation by Division IX Director Fred Mintzer

A brief report on the role of the Division Director.


Files pertaining to the Transactions on Mobile Computing.

Shannon Award Nomination Form

Nomination form for IEEE Information Theory Society Claude E. Shannon Award

Bylaws Amendments Sept 2008

Amendments proposed by the IT Const. & Bylaws Committee for approval at the Allerton BoG Meeting, Sept. 23, 2008

Report of Outreach Committee

Report of Outreach Comittee

Distinguished Speakers Program

A proposal to revamp the ITSoc Distinguished Speakers Program

Paper Awards Bylaw Amendments

This document contains proposed bylaws changes to described the Comsoc/ITsoc joint paper award and the ISIT student paper award.

IEEE Baker Prize Paper Award Proposal

A proposal to the IEEE for reinstating the Baker prize with some modifications

Awards Committee Report

Reports on the activities of the awards committee July-September 2008.

Awards committee presentation

Presentation summarizing the awards committee report

ISIT 2008 Report

A brief summary of ISIT 2008, listing attendance numbers and expected surplus.

Membership and Chapters Committee Report

An update on current membership and new initiatives, and announcement of a new IT Chapter in Russia.

Online Editor's Report, Allerton 2008

Updates on the web project.

Bylaw Amendments 2

Revised proposal for bylaw amendments