BoG Meeting, Allerton 2010

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BoG Meeting, Allerton 2010

Start: 09/28/10 - 10:00 AM
End: 09/28/10 - 2:30 PM
Location: Coordinated Science Lab, Rm 301, UIUC
Location URL:

(Subject to modification)

14:00-14:05: Consent agenda 

14:05-14:15: President's Report (Kschischang)

14:15-14:30: Constitution and Bylaws Committee (Forney)

  • Bylaws change:  composition of Wyner Committee
  • Bylaws change:  composition of Awards Committee
  • New bylaw:  ISIT Student Paper Award
  • Report

14:30-14:50: Treasurer's Report (Jindal)

14:50-15:10: Publications Committee (Forney)

  • Motion to approve the formation of the Executive Editorial Board
  • Motion to approve the appointment of new Associate Editors [Biographies]

15:10-15:25: Online Commitee Report (Bloch/Laneman)

15:25-15:40: BREAK

15:40-15:50: Membership and Chapters (Medard) /Outreach Committee (Coleman) BoG Meeting, Allerton 2010

15:50-16:00: Student Committee (Caire)[Report]

16:00-16:20: Conference Committee (Hajek)[Report]

Items for BoG vote or discussion:

  •  ISIT 2011  (V. Blinovsky/A. Ephremides/A. Kuleshov) (BoG VOTE: approval of loan request)

 Proposals for tech co-sponsorship:

  • CISS 2011 (Application)  (BoG VOTE: approval recommended)
  • CCCA 2011  (Application, CFP)  (BoG VOTE: approval NOT recommended)
  • ISWCS 2011  (Application, CFP)  (BoG VOTE: approval recommended)

 Discussion Items

  •  Arrangement of resources for BoG events at ISITs
  •  On the need for a uniform refund policy for ISITs
16:20-16:40 Nomination and Appointments Committee

16:40-16:45 Closing Remarks
  • BoG meetings in 2011 (Caire)
  • Thank yous (Kschischang)