BoG Meeting, ITW Taormina 2009

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BoG Meeting, ITW Taormina 2009

Start: 10/13/09 - 3:00 PM
End: 10/13/09 - 6:15 PM
Location: Taormina, Sicily
Location URL:

IT Society BoG Meeting Agenda
Saletta Belvedere room of the Villa Diodoro
(buffet dinner with bountiful wine served starting at 6:30pm)

6:30pm: Dinner Begins

7:00-7:05: Approval of ISIT BoG Meeting Minutes and Meeting Agenda

7:05-7:20: President's Report (Andrea Goldsmith) (Presentation)
- Society update, discussion on officer action to reduce sub-to-pub, BoG committee assignments and society governance, best practices documents for committee chairs. status of Baker prize.

7:20-7:35: Treasurer report (Nihar Jindal):
 - Update on society budget, surplus spending opportunities, and 2010 projections.

7:35-7:55: Constitution and Bylaws Subcommitteee Report (Dave Forney)
- Proposed amendments to Bylaws and Constitution
*Vote* on proposed amendments

7:55-8:20: Publications Committee Report (Ezio Biglieri)
- State of Transactions, status of move to MC, best practices document, discussion of AE seniority and approval process.

*Vote* on new AEs

Gerard Cohen, ENST (Coding Theory)
Navin Kashyap, Queen’s Univ. (Coding Theory)
Jean-Pierre Tillich, INRIA (Coding Theory)
Pascal Vontobel, HP (Coding Techniques)

8:20-8:35: Wine Break

8:35-9:05: Conference Committee Report (Dan Costello)

  Reports from meetings:

    ISIT 2008 summary and notes (very helpful!)

    ISIT 2009 report (summary version)(Vince Poor)

    ISIT 2011 update (Tony Ephremides)

    ITW 2010 Cairo budget (*Vote*: BoG approval requested.)

  Proposal for ITW 2011 Brazil (Sueli Costa, *Vote*: BoG approval requested.)

  Proposals for tech co-sponsorship: (*Vote*: BoG approval requested)

    CISS 2011 (call for papers, application)

    WiOpt 2010 (application)

    NetCod 2010 (call for papers, application)

    Turbocodes 2010 (call for papers, application)

  Discussion item: Purpose of workshops, accessibility, payments to  speakers


9:05-9:25: Online Committee Report (Nick Laneman)
 - Structure of online committee and responsibilities. Policy for ITSoc website registrants. Planned website updates. Joint newsletter/website initiatives and content generation. Plans for the future.

9:25-9:35: Membership/Chapters Committee report (Giuseppe Caire)
 - DL program update, status of student schools.

9:35-9:45: Fellows Committee Report (Dan Costello)
- Committee update, discussion of Fellow nomination process.

9:45-9:55: Student Committee Report (Gerhard Kramer)
- Presentation on the 2009 NA IT school and preparations for 2010.

-Report on the 2009 School

9:55-10:05: Outreach Committee Report (Muriel Medard)

10:05-10:15: New Business

10:15: Adjourn