BoG meeting @ ITW 2012, Lausanne

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BoG meeting @ ITW 2012, Lausanne

Start: 09/ 2/12 - 8:00 AM
End: 09/ 2/12 - 2:00 PM
Location: Starling Hotel, Lausanne
Location URL:


12:00-13:00: Lunch at the Starling Hotel


13:10-13:15: Meeting comes to order

BoG VOTE: approval of the minutes of previous meeting

BoG VOTE: approval of the agenda


13:15-13:30: President's report 

President's report September 2012 BoG Meeting


13:30-13:50: Treasurer's report 


13:50-14:20: Bylaws Changes 


14:20-14:40: Awards Committee - Proposal to name the Student Paper Award for Jack and Toby Wolf


14:40-15:00: Break


15:00-15:25: Conferences report

Information item/request for BoG help: ITW Armenia: call for suggestions

Information item: In August 2012, by email vote, the BoG approved technical cosponsorship with Xplore access for Allerton 2013CISS 2013ITA 2013, and Netcod 2013.


15:25-16:20: Report of Ad-Hoc Committee on Transactions


16:20-17:20: EiC report


17:20-17:50: Ad Hoc Committee on Outreach and Education



17:50-18:00: Other business and adjournment