BOG Meeting @ ISIT June 2020

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BOG Meeting @ ISIT June 2020

Start: 06/21/20 - 10:00 AM
End: 06/21/20 - 3:05 PM
Location: Virtual meeting on Zoom starting at 10 AM Eastern.
Location URL:

This will be a virtual meeting on zoom. BoG members should have already received an invite to the meeting. Zoom will send a reminder email with the meeting information one day and one hour before the start time. 


10:00 AM Eastern CALL TO ORDER

10:00-10:05  Introductions and agenda approval 

BoG VOTE: Approval of agenda

10:05-10:30 President's Report (Yener) [Report

10:30-10:50 Paper Awards Committee (Yu) [Report] - BoG Members Only

BoG VOTE: ITSoc Paper Award

10:50-11:10 Nominations and Appointments (Erkip) [Report]

2021 Officer Nominations (Various)

        2nd Vice President

        Vice President


11:10-11:30 Treasurer's Report (Wagner) [Report]

11:30-12:00 FITS Initiative (Yener, Bloch) [Presentation] [Report]

12:00-12:10 Online Committee (Kurkoski) [Report] [Proposal to upgrade] [Estimates for Upgrading (BoG Only)]

        BoG VOTE: Seed Funding FITS

        BoG VOTE: Upgrade

12:10-12:25 BREAK

12:25-12:40 Publications (Sason) [Report]

BoG VOTE: Associate Editors

12:40-12:55 JSAIT (Goldsmith) [Report]

       BoG VOTE: Page charges

12:55-1:00 Schools Committee (Draper) [Report

1:05-1:10 Diversity & Inclusion Committee (Draper) [Report]

       BoG VOTE: Committee Members

1:10-1:30 Conference Committee (Kumar) [Report]

1:30-1:35 Magazine Committee (Fragouli) [Report

       BoG VOTE: Inagural EiC

       BoG VOTE: Funding

1:35-1:45 Membership Committee (Fragouli) [Report

       BoG VOTE: Distinguished and Named Lecturers

1:45-1:55 Student and Outreach Subcommittee (Cardone) [Report]

1:55-2:00 Pilot Videos (Bloch) [Report

2:00-2:05 Massey Award (Javidi) [Report

2:05-2:10 Cover Award (Fragouli) [Report

2:10-2:55 Discussion (all): Going forward as a community

2:55-3:00 Constitution and ByLaws Committee (Erkip) [Report]

3:00-3:05 New business

Report Only: Film Committee [Report]

3:05 PM Eastern ADJOURN