BoG Meeting @ ISIT 2014, Hawaii

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BoG Meeting @ ISIT 2014, Hawaii

Start: 06/29/14 - 11:45 AM
End: 06/29/14 - 5:05 PM
Location: Hawaii Convention Center
Location URL:

The meeting is planned to be in Room 328 - Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

11:45: Arrival

12:00-12:50: Lunch in Room 327 - Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

President's and Treasurer's Reports

13:00-13:10: Introductions

BoG VOTE: approval of minutes of Feb 2014 BoG meeting [Minutes]
BoG VOTE: approval of agenda

13:10-13:20: President's Report (El Gamal) [Report]

13:20-13:35: Treasurer's Report (Yener) [Report]

Reports of Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

13:35-13:55: Nominations and Appointments (Medard)

1) approval of 2014 BoG election nominations [List]
2) approval of 2nd VP nominations
3) approval of 1st VP nomination
4) approval of P nomination

13:55-14:05: Awards (Effros) [Report: see email to BoG members]

BoG VOTEs: ITSoc Paper Award
1) accept Awards Committee report
2) ballot to decide on the recipient(s)

14:05-14:20: Membership (Orlitsky) [Report]

14:20-14:25: Fellows (Calderbank) [Report]

14:25-14:45: Conference (Erkip) [Report][Presentation]

  Reports from past meetings:

  • Financial report for ITW 2013 [report]
1) approval of ITW 2016 proposal [proposal]
2) approval of ISIT 2015 budget [budget]
3) approval of ISIT 2016 budget [budget]
4) ITA 2015 cosponsorhip [request]

14:45-14:55: Online (Bloch) [Report]

14:55-15:00: Outreach subcommittee (Kliewer) [Report]

15:00-15:30: Coffee Break

15:30-15:40: Schools subcommittee (Yener) [Report]

BoG VOTEs: approval of funding for future schools
(discussion: 2015 reserve spending depends on IEEE approval)

15:40-16:20: Publications (Kschischang) [ad hoc committee Report][EiC Report]

16:20-16:30: Ad Hoc Committee on New Directions (Andrews/Medard) [Report]

16:30-16:50: Proposal for creating the James L. Massey Teaching & Research Award for Young Scholars (Costello, Kramer)

Standing Items

16:50-17:05: Business brought forward by BoG members

17:05: Adjournment