BoG Meeting, ISIT 2009

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BoG Meeting, ISIT 2009

Start: 06/28/09 - 12:15 PM
End: 06/28/09 - 5:30 PM
Location: Seoul, Korea
Location URL:

Annual meeting of the Information Theory Society BOGs. Everyone is welcome to attend all or part of the meeting. The meeting will be preceeded by lunch at 12:15, with the formal meeting starting at 1pm, ending at 5:30pm. Please email the society president Andrea Goldsmith at if you wish to attend the lunch or add something to the agenda for discussion.

Meeting Agenda

12:15: Lunch Begins

1-1:10: Consent: Approval of Meeting Agenda and CISS BoG Meeting Minutes (Draft Minutes)

1:10-1:35: Presidents Report (Andrea Goldsmith), (Presentation)

- Vote:  Approve appointed officers for Secretary (Aria Nosratinia) and Treasurer (Nihar Jindal) (Bios)

- Vote:  Approve slate of 2010 BoG candidates from N/A committee (Candidate Bios)

- Nominations: Additional BoG nominees

- Nominations: Officer slate for coming year

- Vote: Conference Committee Chair as Voting BoG Member

1:35-2:05: Awards Committee Report (Frank Kschischang)

 - Vote on IT Society paper award

2:05-2:30: Membership/Chapters Committee Report (Giuseppe Caire)

2:30-3:05: Publications Committee Report (Ezio Biglieri)

 - Vote on new AE appointments (Motani, Lapidoth, Franceschetti, Jafar). (Bios)

3:05-3:30: Conference Committee Report (Alex Grant)

 - Report: ISIT 2008 Toronto [report] [budget] (Frank Kschischang)

 - Report: ISIT 2009 Seoul [report] (Jong-Seon No)

 - Report: ISIT 2010 Austin [report] (Michel Gastpar)

 - Report: ISIT 2012 Cambridge [report] (Muriel Medard) 

 - Report: ITW 2009 Taormina [report] (Ezio Biglieri)

 - Report: ITW 2010 Cario [CFP

 - Proposal: ITW 2010 Dublin [proposal] [budget] (Joachim Rosenthal)

- Possible discussion on role of workshops and local access at meetings [discussion document] (Alex Grant/Bruce Hajek)

3:30-3:45 Break

3:45-4:05: Treasurers report (Anant Sahai):

  - Update on society budget and planning.

4:05-4:25: Online Committee Report (Matthieu Bloch)

- Vote to approve additional $15K in funds for web software development

4:25-4:45: Student Committee Report (Aylin Yener)

4:45-4:55: Proposal for African Winter School (Hedrik Ferreira)

4:55-5:10: Outreach Committee Report (Muriel Medard)

5:10-5:30: New Business (Open discussion on Society Governance and Committee Structure)

5:30: Adjourn