BoG Meeting @ Chicago IL, October 2016

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BoG Meeting @ Chicago IL, October 2016

Start: 10/ 1/16 - 9:00 AM
End: 10/ 1/16 - 2:00 PM
Location: Palmer House - 17 E Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603 - Room: Dearborn 1
Location URL:

Breakfast to start at 8:30am, continue as working breakfast at 9.

President and Treasurer Reports

9:00-9:10: Introductions

VOTE: Agenda Approval

9:10-9:20: President's Report (Orlitsky) [Report]

9:20-9:35: Treasurer's Report (Tuninetti) [Report]

Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

9:35-9:45  Publications (Kschischang) [Presentation, AE bios, Golomb Issue Proposal]

         VOTE: New AE's

9:45-9:50 Nominations and Appointments (El Gamal) [Report

9:50-10:05: Conference Committee (Viterbo / Erkip[ReportPresentation]

         VOTE: ISIT 2018 Budget, WiOpt, ITA 2017 Technical Co-sponsorship

10:05-10:15  Membership Committee (Erkip) [Report]

10:15-10:25  Online Committee (Sarwate) [Presentation]

10:25-10:35  External Nomination Committee (Neuhoff) [Report]

10:35-10:45 Newsletter (Langberg) [Presentation]

10:45-11:00 Break


11:00-11:15  Schools (Yener) [NASIT 2016 Report, JTG-Indian IT School 2016 Report2018 Latin American School Proposal]

11:15-11:25  Shannon Documentary (Levinson) [remote presentation]

11:25-11:30 Short Videos (Bloch) [Presentation

11:30-11:35 Online Talks (Diggavi) [Presentation]

Forward-Looking Discussions

This part of the meeting will concern the future of our society with ample time to discuss future plans, initiatives, and activities. Times are approximate.

11:35-11:55 Membership Committee Structure (Erkip) [Presentation]

11:55-12:30 New Journal / Magazine (Andrews / Erkip) [Presentation][Presentation]

12:30-1:00 LUNCH  (continued as working lunch)

1:00-1:15  New Initiatives (Tunineti)

1:15-1:35  Paper Award (Urbanke) [Presentation]

1:35-2:00 Additional Topics