Results of IT BOG votes, Jan 30, 2006

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Dear BOG member:

Here are the results of our recent voting.

  1. For the two new associate editors: 20 yes, 1 abstain.

    We welcome new associate editors Tuvi Etzion and Steve McLaughlin

  2. For Technical Co-Sponsorship of HISC: 21 yes.

    Co-Sponsorship is approved.

  3. Location of the third BOG meeting: 15 people preferred Allerton, 6 preferred Chengdu. The ratio of likely attendance was similar. We will hold the third meeting at Allerton, Sept. 27, after dinner.

  4. For the creation of the online editor position and budget. 16 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain.

    The position and budget are approved. However, I would like to acknowledge the concerns expressed by some about the budget. Perhaps some of those who did not vote had similar concerns. I will try to make sure that we are careful in our spending. In any case, after a year or so, we will have a better understanding of the cost/benefit ratio and can re-evaluate the situation, if desired.

Best regards, Dave