Vote/Announcement, Feb. 15, 2006

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On Feb 15, 2006, at 12:08 PM, David L. Neuhoff wrote:

Dear IT BOG member,

First, regarding the previous email vote: There were 21 votes to approve Technical Co-Sponsorship of CISS. Three people did not respond. Co-sponsorship is approved.

Second, now that we have approved the creation of the position of IT Society Online Editor, I would like to propose J. Nicholas Laneman of Notre Dame University for this position. We could, of course, postpone the decision until the BOG meeting in Uruguay. However, Nick is eager to get started (if he is approved). Moreover, attendance will not be large at the BOG meeting in Uruguay, so an email vote is likely to evoke more participation. In any case, discussion of our website will be an agenda item at the Uruguay BOG meeting.

I would like to mention that I met Nick last week (for the first time) at the UCSD workshop. I came with away from our discussion very pleased and excited about his vision for the website. He has a number of ideas for making it useful to the IT community. In addition, he hopes to structure it so that a number of society members can easily update the pages for which they have responsibility, thereby lessening the need to hire students to update the website, in steady state. For example, the Awards Committee Chair could update the awards webpage, and so on.

Please vote yes or no on the proposal to appoint Nick as Online Editor.

Best regards, Dave