Several IT BOG matters, Jan 17, 2006

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Dear IT BOG Member,

Several matters have recently arisen which require our attention. Would you please vote on the first two items and express your opinion on the third. (Of course opinions on the first two items are also welcomed.)

  1. Editor-in-Chief Vince Poor requests approval for two new associate editors:

    For three-year terms:

    Tuvi Etzion (Technion), Associate Editor for Coding Theory, beginning March 1, 2006. Tuvi will replace Madhu Sudan, who will be stepping down.

    Steve McLaughlin (Georgia Tech), Associate Editor for Coding Techniques, beginning July 1, 2006. Steve will replace Oyvind Ytrehus, whose term will be ending.

    Please vote YES or NO.

  2. Conference Coordinator (and second VP) Marc Fossorier proposes that the IT Society be a "technical co-sponsor" for the second edition of HISC (Hawaii, IEICE and SITA Joint Conference on Information Theory) by the IT Society.

    Conference: 2006 Hawaii, IEICE and SITA Joint Conference on Information Theory

    Location: Nara, Japan, May 23-26 2006.


    At the 2003 ISIT in Yokohama, following the symposium and the best Chapter award won by the Japan chapter, it was decided to tighten the collaboration between SITA and IEEE, and in the process possibly create a new workshop.

    In 2004, instead of creating a new event, it was decided to move one of the quaterly IEICE Information Theory meetings outside Japan and the venue of Hawaii was selected. Technical co-sponsorship from the IEEE IT Society was provided and IEICE, SITA and the East Asia Pacific Program of NSF generously supported this event. The meeting was held in May 2005 and was very successful (an academic oriented 3-day meeting held on campus at the University of Hawaii with 40 talks, 2 invited talks by Tadao Kasami and Shu Lin, about 60 participants from Japan and 15 from the USA).

    For 2006, the venue of Nara was selected in order to alternate between Japan and the USA. The invited speakers are Professor Hirashi Kobayashi (Princeton University) and Professor Hideki Imai (University of Tokyo)

    Please vote YES or NO.

  3. Location of the third BOG meeting.

    After my previous email announcing the Allerton Conference (Monticello, Illinois, Sept. 27-29) as the tentative site of the third BOG meeting, Dan Costello sent the following invitation to hold the third BOG meeting in China.

    "The organizers of ITW 2006 - China, to be held in Chengdu, China from Oct. 22 to 26, cordially invite the BOG to schedule their 3rd meeting of 2006 at the workshop. In addition to encouraging a large Chinese presence, we hope to attract significant participation from the international IT community. Having a BOG meeting in Chengdu will help to insure the success of the workshop. Chengdu is a major city in central China, easily accessible for international travelers. Please consult the workshop website at for travel details."

    For each location, please indicate if you could attend the BOG meeting if held there.

    Please also indicate the location you prefer.

Best regards, Dave