Results of the Technical Co-sponsor Votes, Jan 16, 2007

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Results of the Technical Co-Sponsor Vote conducted by email by Dave Neuhoff. Result made available on Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Turbo 2008

Organized by R. Koetter, A. Loeliger and R. Urbanke. This event has been held since 2000, and has a strong association with members of the IT Society. The organizers request technical co-sponsorship and inclusion of the proceedings on IEEEXplore.

19 yes, 0 no. Approved.

  1. 3rd International Conference on Natural Computation/4th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, Hainan, China

General Chair: Jinsheng Lei Program Chairs: JingTao Yao, Qingfu Zhang, Jian Yu, Shuigen Zhou Technical co-sponsorship requested by Lipo Wang. This appears to be a large event (over 3000 submissions the last two years). However, may be of only tangential interest to IT Society members. The topics listed on the web site appear to be more aimed at algorithmic machine learning.

3 yes, 16 no. Not Approved.

  1. XI International Symposium on Problems of Redundancy in Information and Control Systems, St. Petersburg, Russia

TPC includes A. Ashikhmin, A. Barg and I. Dumer This is a revival of a series of symposiums (last one in 1989). The topics align well with the interests of the IT Society.

17 yes, 2 no. Approved.

  1. 2007 ITA Workshop, San Diego

Requested by A. Orlitsky This is the second workshop in this series. Heavy involvement by IT Society Members and alignment with IT Society areas of interest. Technical co-sponsorship and IEEEXplore listing of proceedings sought.

19 yes, 0 no. Approved.

  1. SPWC-2007, Signal Processing Workshop for Wireless Communications

Requested by workshop co-chair Farhad Zarringhalam June 6-7, 2007 We technically co-sponsored this conference in 2005 and 2006

17 yes, 2 no. Approved

  1. 2007 Hawaii and SITA Joint Conference on Information Theory

Requested by Marc Fossorier Honolulu, USA, May 29-31 2007. This conference was begun with the goal of tightening the collaboration between SITA and the IT Society. We technically co-sponsored this conference in 2005 and 2006. See for the 2006 website.

19 yes, 0 no. Approved.