Committees 2004

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Committee members in 2004

Nominations Subcommittee:

Joachim Hagenauer (Chair)
Vijay Bhargava
Tom Fuja

Constitution and Bylaws Subcommittee:

Joachim Hagenauer (Chair)
Tom Fuja

Claude E. Shannon Award Subcommittee:

Han Vinck (Chair)
Paul Siegel
Tom Cover
Toby Berger
Solomon Golomb
Hideki Imai
Steven McLaughlin

Awards Subcommittee:

Steven McLaughlin (Ex-Officio and Chair)
David Neuhoff (Ex-Officio)
Thomas Ericson
Kingo Kobayashi
Neal Koblitz
Robert McEliece
Prakash Narayan
Galen Sasaki
Venu Veeravalli
Ram Zamir
Nominations due from the Nominations Subcommittee by 31st of January.

Membership and Chapters Subcommittee:

Steven W. McLaughlin (Chair)

Publications Subcommittee:

Paul Siegel (Chair)

The Publications Subcommittee shall consist of the Society Transactions Editor-in-Chief who serves as chairperson, the Associate Editors of the Society Transactions, and the Newsletter Editor. The President, First Vice President and Second Vice President of the Society are ex-officio members of the committee. The Subcommittee shall generate yearly nominations for the Information Theory Society Paper Award, as per Article VIII, Section 1, oversee the solicitation and review of papers for publication, and shall edit, prepare and publish the Transactions, Special Issues, Monographs, and Newsletter as directed by the Board, with the assistance of the IEEE Editorial Office. The Subcommittee shall recommend changes in publication policy to the Board.

Fellows Subcommittee:

Costas Georghiades (Chair)
Edward van der Meulen
Shlomo Shamai
Ezio Biglieri
Anthony Ephremides
The Nominations Subcommittee shall appoint the members of the Fellows Subcommittee, and designate its Chairperson, by October 1st of the previous year.

Education Subcommittee:

Ivan Fair (Chair)

Conferences and Workshops Subcommittee:

Bixio Rimoldi (Chair)

IT/ComSoc Joint Paper Award Subcommittee:

Board of Governors:

Han Vinck (Chair)
John Anderson
Thomas Cover
Michelle Effros
Anthony Ephremides
Marc Fossorier
Tom Fuja
Andrea Goldsmith
Hideki Imai
Joachim Hagenauer
Torleiv Kløve
Ralf Koetter
Ryuji Kohno
Steven W. McLaughlin
Urbashi Mitra
David L. Neuhoff
Vincent Poor
Bixio Rimoldi
Shlomo Shamai (Shitz)
David Tse
Alexander Vardy
Bin Yu

Nominations due from the Nominations Subcommittee 2 weeks before the Annual Meeting.