Diversity and Inclusion Event at ISIT 2022

Monday June 27, 2022 • 13.10 • Auditorium Lumituuli • ISIT 2022

Diversity and inclusion at work – how to reap the benefits of our differences

We bring demographic and cognitive differences to work. In order to reap the benefits of our differences, the culture at work and in teams needs to be inclusive. What is an inclusive culture? How can you create and sustain an inclusive culture at work?

In this workshop I will share research that shows that we run the risk of excluding people with diverse, different perspectives in a team even though diverse perspectives and cognitive diversity are crucial for problem solving in teams. We will touch upon bias and stereotypes in academia. Further, I will share research on the importance of psychological safety in order for teams to be high performing and will give examples of what characterize teams with psychological safety. I will also share research on the positive effects of inclusion and inclusive climate in teams and give examples of inclusive behavior. The session will include opportunities for the audience to reflect on and discuss psychological safety, inclusive behavior, etc. in their own teams and how these can be improved/practiced more often.


About the speaker:

Gabriella Fägerlind
Gabriella Fägerlind has been working as an organizational consultant with a focus on gender equality, diversity and inclusion at work, since 1999. Gabriella has a broad experience from working with Swedish companies, authorities as well as universities on topics related to gender equality, diversity and inclusion at work. She is the author of several books and reports. Gabriella holds a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering  and a Licentiate Engineering degree in Operations Management, Gabriella is currently PhD student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information please visit  www.implementdiversity.com/english