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Cornell is located 5 miles from the Ithaca airport (ITH), which can be reached using one of several airlines including Delta (via Detroit), Continental (via Newark), and US Air (via Philadelphia or New York City). The Syracuse airport (SYR) is 60 miles away and shuttle service is available. Other possibilities include Binghampton (BGM, 44 miles) and Elmira-Corning (ELM, 37 miles).

Conference Registration and Check In

Registration for the main body of the conference and check in for dorm rooms will be conducted at the Residential and Event Services RPCC registration desk (located inside the Robert Purcell Community Center at the base of the stairway) after 2:00pm on Monday, June 18.  The service center is open daily from 7:00am until 11:00pm.  If participants arrive after 11:00pm student staff will be on-call and the number to call is posted at all building entrances. 

You can find the location of Robert Purcell Community Center by searching its name in this map:

Students will be hosted at Mews Hall on the Cornell campus, which is a ten minute walk from the lecture hall. Mews is one of the newest dorms on campus and has air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Breakfast and dinner will be available at a cafeteria near Mews and will include vegetarian options. Lunch will be served near the lecture hall.