Group photo of almost all participants of the Munich Workshop on Coding and Cryptography (MWCC) 2022

The workshop was held on June 22-24, 2022. Around 80 participants attended the workshop, out of which 21 invited speakers from across the globe kindly agreed to share with the participants their recent research results. In addition to invited talks, 28 participants presented posters. The workshop gathered theoreticians and practitioners in an effort to strengthen the connection between the two communities. The program was split into three parts: in the first day, the focus was on coded computing with eight invited talks and a poster session on both topics; the second day featured seven talks on both topics and a poster session including the same posters; and in the third day, the focus shifted to coding for DNA storage with seven invited talks.

Motivated by the loosened CoViD regulations, one of the goals of this workshop was to bring back the social gathering that we all missed. To that end, the workshop included two socializing sessions, long coffee and lunch breaks and a banquet. These sessions were held at the beginning of the workshop to welcome all the participants and at the end of the workshop to allow the participants to chat, share their experience about the workshop and also to celebrate the birthday of one of the organizers. Coffee breaks included finger food and sweets to allow the participants to refill their energy for the next session. The banquet was held at a traditional Bavarian restaurant in the center of Munich to introduce traditional Bavarian food to the participants.

The feedback given by the participants on the quality of the workshop was overwhelmingly positive. The organizers thank all the participants for contributing to the success of this workshop. In particular, we thank the invited speakers who freed their schedule and travelled all the way to participate in this workshop. The speakers put a lot of effort in perfectly tuning their talks to be accessible to the broad audience of the two somewhat-non-intersecting research communities, while avoiding superficial content. We thank all those who presented a poster at the workshop for preparing nice posters accessible to a broad audience. No workshop is complete without a poster session.

The workshop was generously supported by the European Research community and the Institute of Advanced Science of the Technical University of Munich (TUM-IAS). A full program with a list of invited speakers, poster presenters, title of the given talks and posters, abstracts and some of the slides is available online at If you are interested in attending future MWCCs, keep an eye on the website or get in touch with the organizers. We look forward to seeing you in Munich.