Call for Papers: Coding and Information Theory for Data Storage at ICC2022
The Cloud Computing, Networking and Storage track at ICC2022 seeks original contributions in coding and information theory for data storage, and related topical areas.
Oct 1, 2021

Submit a Paper by 11 October


Data storage is at the core of the information technology revolution, from mobile devices to data centers. Flash memories, new non-volatile memory technologies, and distributed storage network technologies are combined to provide ubiquitous access to data and computing closer to storage devices. However, these new and existing systems pose novel problems of storage density, reliability, efficiency, security, and privacy. Data detection, communications, signal processing, and coding techniques are the foundation for solving these problems. While storage channel models are fundamentally communication channels and networks, the new devices and system architectures create new theoretical challenges in order to utilize their potential. This track covers fundamental theoretical aspects of the data storage and cloud computing.


The Cloud Computing, Networking and Storage track seeks original contributions in the following topical areas, plus others that are not explicitly listed but are closely related:

  • Coding and information theory for data storage
  • Channel and noise characterization for flash memories and emerging memory technologies
  • Coding for storage channels and distributed storage networks
  • Coding for distributed storage networks
  • Information theory for data storage
  • Coding and signal processing for data storage systems
  • In-storage and in-memory computing
  • Theoretical concepts of cloud-based storage fog and edge computing
  • Information and communication theory-based approaches for decentralized storage in cloud and fog/edge computing systems
  • Security and privacy in the cloud and fog/edge computing, networking and storage
  • Energy-efficient designs and resource optimization for storage systems and edge/cloud networking
  • Circuit design for coding, detection and signal processing for data storage
  • Novel and emerging storage media
  • Signal processing for cloud and fog/edge computing, networking, and storage systems
  • Design and analysis of algorithms and system architectures for networking and computing for cloud, fog, and edge computing