2021 North American School of Information Theory
Registration for posters and attendance of the 2021 North American School of Information Theory has opened.
May 21, 2021

The virtual 2021 North American School of Information Theory (NASIT 2021) will take place from June 21 to June 25 (Monday to Friday). It features the following tutorials:

•       Prof. Wei Yu: Massive Random Access and Massive MIMO

•       Prof. Negar Kiyavash: Causal Inference

•       Prof. Michelle Effros: Network Information Theory

•       Prof. Douglas Stebila: Post-quantum Cryptography From the Learning with Errors Problem

•       Prof. Lizhong Zheng: Understanding Deep Learning With an Information Geometric Method

•       Prof. David Tse (Padovani Lecturer): Operating Blockchains at Physical Limits

This is in addition to two poster sessions that provide students with the opportunity to interact with peers and faculty and get experience in presenting and discussing their ideas in an informal and relaxed environment. And there will be a poster award!

More details including registration can be found at http://conferences.ece.ubc.ca/nasit2021/.

Please help us by sharing this with your students and colleagues, and encourage your students to submit a poster.

Note that students should register their interest to submit a poster. Submission of the final poster is due on June 13. More details can be found at http://conferences.ece.ubc.ca/nasit2021/poster.html

We look forward to virtually seeing you and your students in NASIT 2021.

Lutz, Lele, Anas and Ian