Updates from JSAIT, the Society's Newest Journal
JSAIT has had a successful kickoff with three issues in the works. The issues on deep learning and quantum information science are now in process, and the third issue on statistical estimation and inference is now accepting submissions. JSAIT welcomes ideas for future special issues.
Feb 19, 2020

The IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory is the Society's first new journal since 1953 and was launched to expand the Society's technical scope, incubate new directions and forge connections with other disciplines.

JSAIT publishes special issues focusing on the intersections of information theory with fields such as machine learning, statistics, biology, finance, computer science, and physics, with the goal of expanding the Society's technical scope and incubating new research directions. The three issues are in the works are:

  • The first issue is on deep learning: mathematical foundations and applications to information science. A whopping 52 submissions were received. This was considered an excellent outcome for a brand new journal science. Issue will appear May 2020.
  • The second issue is on quantum information science. Submissions closed on February 15 and is expected to appear in August 2020.
  • The third issue on statistical estimation and inference is accepting submissions . The deadline is May 1 and is expected to appear in November/December 2020.

JSAIT welcomes ideas on topics for future issues — please contact Editor-in-Chief   with these ideas. Please also consider proposing a special issue as the success of JSAIT depends on a regular flow of such proposals.  Read details about how to propose a special issue  for JSAIT. 

For authors, JSAIT targets about 5.5 months from paper deadline to final decision. Announcements are sent and posted regularly and interested authors should subscribe to the Society's mailing list .

A more detailed JSAIT report will appear in an upcoming issue of the Society's Newsletter.

Andrea Goldsmith
JSAIT Editor-in-Chief