Simons Institute Symposium on information-theoretic methods for privacy and fairness
A two-day workshop featuring tutorial-style talks on information-theoretic measures for privacy and fairness at the Simons Institute for Theoretical Computer Science at UC Berkeley
Feb 20, 2019

The Simons Institute at the University of California, Berkeley is organizing a semester long workshop on Privacy (entitled Privacy 2019). As a part of this workshop, there will be a two-day mini-workshop (or symposium as the organizers call it) on   information-theoretic methods for privacy and fairness on March 14-15, 2019 . Details about this symposium can be found   here .

As the link details, the symposium will include a series of talks (tutorial style) on operationally motivated leakage measures and their applications to privacy and fairness as well as connections of these measures to differential privacy.  

Registration is free and registration details will appear the site soon. We welcome all ITSOC members that are able to attend to consider doing so. More details on the talks etc. will be available soon. For more information, please contact Prof. Lalitha Sankar at   ls[email protected] .