PhD position in error correction coding and shaping for optical communication

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The Coding group at DTU Fotonik, Technical University of Denmark has an open PhD position within the topic of information theory and error correction coding and shaping for optical communication. This project is part of collaboration between DTU Fotonik and the Institute for Communications Engineering (LNT) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) within the EuroTech Alliance.

PhD position in error correction coding and shaping for optical communication

We are looking for a strong candidate to work on error correction coding and shaping for optical communication. The subject of this project is efficient coding techniques for high-speed optical communication. The focus will be on forward error-correction (FEC), as well as the combination of FEC with (probabilistic) shaping. The solutions should be efficient both in terms of performance and complexity.

Coding and signal processing techniques for fibre are necessary to achieve the highest data rates.  Practical aspects such as implementation complexity and energy consumption play a central role in the choice of algorithms. In the project, advanced coding shall be designed and developed for specific high-speed optical channels and devices. Novel channel coding schemes shall be explored for advanced optical channels such as regenerative channels. The project involves the interaction and combination of error-correcting coding and pre-coding/shaping.

To achieve fast coding and decoding, the project will study product codes based on hard-decision decoders, extended to include erasures or low-resolution soft decision decoding, as well as combined with shaping. Different structures such as staircase codes, block codes, generalized product codes etc. will be studied and compared, including the analysis of error-floors. Algorithms for fast decoding will be devised, analysed and simulated. Selected codes will be combined with probabilistic shaping. 

The PhD project will be associated with the research centre of excellence SPOC at DTU Fotonik and will be in close collaboration with activities within the centre on information theory, capacity and advanced coding. The PhD project will involve both theoretical and experimental studies and joint experiments with other SPOC team members, e.g. experimentally testing the novel coding techniques in the optical communication lab at DTU Fotonik. The project will be part of collaboration with Prof. Gerhard Kramer, LNT, TUM.

Candidates should have a master's degree in engineering or a similar degree with an equivalent academic level. Good communication skills in written and spoken English are a must.

Please submit your online application at DTU web page no later than June 17, 2018. Further information may be obtained from Prof. Søren Forchhammer;

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