NSF Workshop on Low-Latency Wireless Random-Access

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This workshop brings together experts from industry and academia to discuss the challenges and solutions for the problem of multiple-access in wireless communication and Internet-of-Things.

Current radio-access networks (RANs) are designed with the aim of maximizing data-stream throughput for a few active users. The next generation RANs will need to service massive numbers of infrequently communicating sensors (machine-type communication, MTC, or Internet-of-Things). Most present systems employ centralized resource allocation, orthogonalizing the access but incurring large control-layer overhead. Presently, there is a strong demand for a new solution in both the unlicensed spectrum [lowpower wide-area networks (LP-WANs)] and the licensed spectrum (5G). This workshop is dedicated to exploring the state-of-the-art in research on this topic.

Dates: Nov 2-3, 2017

Location: MIT/LIDS
Grier Room 34-401, 
50 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA, USA

Program Committee: Yury Polyanskiy (MIT) & Sergio Verdú (Princeton)

Contact: iot2017-info@mit.edu
Web: http://iot2017.mit.edu