JSAIT Sixth Call for papers: Special Issue on Coded Computing
JSAIT Sixth Call for papers: Special Issue on Coded Computing. Papers due Feb. 15, 2021.
Nov 27, 2020

The intersection of information theory and computing has been a fertile ground for novel, relevant intellectual  problems.  Recently,  coding-theoretic  techniques  have  been  designed  to  improve  performance metrics in distributed computing systems. This has generated a significant amount of research that has produced novel fundamental limits, code designs, and practical implementations. The  set  of  ideas  leveraged  by  this  new  line  of  research  is  collectively  referred  to  as  ​coded  computing​ . This special issue will focus on coded computing, including aspects such as tradeoffs between reliability, latency, privacy, and security. Specific topics of interest include: 

Coded distributed computing

Secure and private coded computing 

Coded elastic computing 

Coding for verifiable computing

Coded edge computing 

Hierarchical coded computing 

Compression for distributed computing 

Applications (e.g., machine learning,  blockchain systems, etc.)

Papers are due Feb. 15, 2021 with acceptance notification July 15, 2021 and expected publication Sept. 2021. Lead guest editor is Pulkit Grover with guest editors Salman Avestimehr, Viveck Cadambe, Stark Draper, Osvaldo Simeone, and Sennur Ulukus. Overseeing senior editors are Alex Dimakis and Giuseppe Caire. The detailed call for papers is here