John Horton Conway Has Passed Away

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Emeritus Professor John Horton Conway has passed away on April 11 2020 at Princeton, N.J.

John H. Conway, Emeritus Professor at Princeton University and Fellow of the Royal Society, passed away on April 11, presumably due to a coronavirus infection.

John H. Conway is probably best known for the “game of life”, which ignited the global interest in cellular automata back in the 70s.  John’s contributions spans a wide range of areas in mathematics, computer sciences and information theory (coding). His nomination for the Royal Society reads: “A versatile mathematician who combines a deep combinatorial insight with algebraic virtuosity, particularly in the construction and manipulation of "off-beat" algebraic structures which illuminate a wide variety of problems in completely unexpected ways. He has made distinguished contributions to the theory of finite groups, to the theory of knots, to mathematical logic (both set theory and automata theory) and to the theory of games (as also to its practice)”.

More about his life and legacy can be found at a biography by Siobhan Roberts, Genius at Play: The Curious Mind of John Horton Conway, published in 2016.

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