EiC Call for Nominations for IEEE BITS
Call for nominations for the first Editor-in-Chief of IEEE BITS the Information Theory Magazine.
Mar 9, 2020

We are seeking nominations for the first Editor in Chief (EiC) of IEEE BITS, who will, together with the Steering Committee and the Editorial Board, ensure its smooth operation and success. The Magazine is administered by a Steering Committee, whose members are D. Costello, E. Erkip, C. Fragouli, U. Mitra and W. Spankowski.

EiC Appointment: The appointment will be for three years, starting July 1st 2020. The EiC will be selected by the Steering Committee and approved by the Information Theory Society BoG.

EiC Responsibilities:  (1) Oversee the operation of the Magazine in line with its proposed scope and provide guidance for special issues, feature articles, and columns, (2) Advocate for the Magazine and coordinate with the Information Theory Society BoG and the IEEE, (3) Select Senior Editors and Area Editors (to be approved by Steering Committee), and (4) Approve special issues.

Scope of the Magazine:  IEEE BITS the Information Theory Magazine publishes content that includes tutorials and review articles, historical surveys, and columns. The tutorial and review articles cover both traditional and emerging areas associated with Information Theory research and are written in a style accessible to readers outside the specialty of the article. The historical surveys are intended to highlight technological advances of current interest that have been significantly impacted by past Information Theory research. The columns include topics such as perspectives from funding agencies, startups and industry developments, puzzles and cartoons, and reporting on events of interest to our audience. The mission of the Magazine is to increase the visibility of the high quality content associated with the area of Information Theory, make it more accessible to a wide audience of scientists, engineers, researchers, and educators, and highlight the rich interdisciplinary work that leverages Information Theory.

Qualifications:  We are seeking a motivated and creative candidate, with a strong record of contributions in Information Theory and related fields and demonstrated excellence in previous leadership and editorial activities.

Nomination Process: Please email your nomination to C. Fragouli ([email protected]), including the nominee's key qualifications and a summary of relevant experience. Self-nominations are encouraged.