2011 IEEE Fellows

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Since 1963, IEEE has acknowledged those individuals who have contributed to the advancement of engineering science and technology. The grade of Fellow is bestowed on the recipient who has had an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest.

The following members of the Information Theory Society were elected IEEE Fellow in 2011:

  • Thomas Kolze for contributions to physical layer architecture in communication systems
  • Dharmendra Modha for contributions to cognitive computing and caching algorithms
  • Marco Chiani for contributions to wireless communication systems
  • Keith Chugg for contributions to adaptive and iterative data detection and decoding
  • Tolga Duman for contributions to coding and modulation for wireless, recording and underwater acoustic channels
  • Elza Erkip for contributions to multi-user and cooperative communications
  • Dennis Goeckel for contributions to wireless communication systems and networks
  • Piyush Gupta for contributions to wireless networks
  • Yunghsiang Han for contributions to decoding techniques
  • Robert Heath for contributions to multiple antenna wireless communications
  • Kwang Bok Lee for contributions to high-speed wireless communication systems
  • Shivendra Panwar for contributions to design and analysis of communication networks
  • James Ritcey for contributions to bit-interleaved coded modulation with iterative decoding
  • William Ryan for contributions to channel coding for reliable data transmission and storage
  • Jawad Salehi for contributions to fundamental principles of optical code division multiple access
  • Vinay Vaishampayan for contributions to error-resilient compression systems
  • Roy Yates for contributions to wireless network resource allocation
  • Ioannis Kontoyiannis for contributions to data compression
  • Erik Ordentlich for contributions to universal algorithms and data compression
  • Balaji Prabhakar for contributions to network theory and algorithms
  • Yossef Steinberg for contributions to information theory
  • Mitchell Trott for contributions to wireless communication
  • Emanuele Viterbo for contributions to coding and decoding for wireless digital communications
  • Hirosuke Yamamoto for contributions to source coding and information-theoretic secure coding
  • Mark Bell for contributions to signal design and processing in radar and communication systems
  • Holger Boche for contributions to signal processing and multi-user wireless communications
  • Rainer Martin for contributions to speech enhancement for mobile communications and hearing aids
  • Hermann Ney for for contributions to statistical language modeling, statistical machine translation, and large vocabulary speech recognition
  • Anna Scaglione for contributions to filterbank precoding for wireless transmission  and signal processing for cooperative sensor networks
  • Xiaolin Wu for contributions to image coding, communication and processing
  • Li-Chun Wang for contributions to cellular architectures and radio resource management in wireless networks