2009 ISIT Student Paper Award

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The Information Theory Society Student Paper Award recognizes outstanding papers presented (by a student author) at the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory. The award is given on the basis of both the technical content of the paper and the quality of the presentation, and the student(s) must be the primary contributor(s) to the paper. The 2009 recipients of this award are:

  1. Ali Nazari for his paper "New Bounds on the Maximal Error Exponent for Multiple-Access Channels" (co-authored with S. Pradhan, and A. Anastasopoulos), 
  2. Changho Suh for his paper "Symmetric Feedback Capacity of the Gaussian Interference Channel to within One Bit" (co-authored with D. Tse), and
  3. Satish Babu Korada and Eren Sasoglu for their paper "Polar Codes:Characterization of Exponent, Bounds, and Constructions " (co-authored with R. Urbanke).

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