Editorial Board


Médard, Muriel


Area Editors

Ioannis Kontoyiannis Shannon Theory and Information Measures
Moshe Schwartz Coding and Decoding
Urbashi Mitra Communications
Bob Williamson Machine Learning and Statistics
Anne Canteaut Sequences and Cryptography
Aylin Yener Security and Privacy
Andreas Winter Quantum
Deniz Gunduz Signal Processing and Source Coding
Edmund Yeh Networking and Computation


Executive Editorial Board

Barg, Alexander
Kschischang, Frank
Lapidoth, Amos


Associate Editors

Agrawal, Alekh Machine Learning since Oct 2020
Alajaji, Fady Shannon theory since Feb 2019
Anastasopoulos, Achilleas Communications since Mar 2020
Beigi, Salman Quantum Information Theory since Oct 2020
Beimel, Amos Cryptography since Mar 2020
Boucheron, Stéphane Statistical Learning since Jul 2019
Canteaut, Anne Cryptography since Oct 2018
Carlet, Claude Sequences since Jul 2020
Chen, Jun Shannon theory since Apr 2021
Chi, Yuejie Statistical Learning since Apr 2021
Courtade, Thomas At Large since Mar 2020
Dalai, Marco Shannon Theory since Mar 2020
Davenport, Mark Signal Processing since Feb 2019
Dolecek, Lara Coding Techniques since Feb 2019
Eckford, Andrew Communications since Aug 2016
Fehr, Serge Cryptography since Feb 2019
Gassiat, Elisabeth Probability and Statistics since Feb 2019
Ghorpade, Sudhir Coding Theory since Feb 2019
Gohari, Aminzadeh (Amin) At Large since Jul 2018
Gong, Guang Sequences since Sep 2020
Hollanti, Camilla Coding Theory since Aug 2020
Jalali, Shirin Probability and Statistics since Apr 2021
Johnson, Oliver Probability and Statistics since Feb 2019
Kobayashi, Mari Communications since Jan 2020
Koch, Tobias Communications since Mar 2020
Krishnamurthy, Akshay Machine Learning since Oct 2020
Lops, Marco Detection and Estimation since Jul 2020
Lovett, Shachar Complexity since Feb 2019
Maddah-Ali, Mohammad Ali Communications since Jul 2019
Maleki, Arian Signal Processing since Mar 2020
Matthews, Gretchen Coding Theory since Jul 2018
Mazumdar, Arya Coding Theory since Oct 2019
Mesnager, Sihem Sequences since Sep 2014
Mitchell, David Coding Theory since Jul 2020
Mosonyi, Milan Quantum Information Theory since Oct 2018
Murthy, Chandra Communications since Feb 2019
Rodrigues, Miguel Signal Processing since Aug 2019
Santhanam, Narayana Prasad Source Coding since Aug 2017
Sarvepalli, Pradeep Kiran Quantum Information Theory since Oct 2020
Schmidt, Kai-Uwe Sequences since Jul 2018
Schwartz, Moshe Coding Theory since Dec 2014
Suh, Changho Statistical Learning since Jul 2020
Talmon, Ronen Signal Processing since Aug 2019
Tan, Vincent Y. F. Machine Learning since Feb 2020
Thangaraj, Andrew Coding Techniques since Jul 2018
Tian, Chao Source Coding since Oct 2019
Tomamichel, Marco Quantum Information Theory since Oct 2019
Tyagi, Himanshu Shannon theory since Jul 2020
Venkataramanan, Ramji Machine Learning since Mar 2020
Wachter-Zeh, Antonia Coding Theory since Apr 2021
Wang, Ligong Shannon theory since Oct 2019
Weinberger, Marcelo Source Coding since Mar 2020
Wesel, Richard Dale Coding Techniques since Mar 2020
Xing, Chaoping Coding Theory since Dec 2014
Yaakobi, Eitan Coding Theory since Jul 2020
Yang, Sheng Communications since Apr 2021
Ying, Lei Communication Networks since Jul 2018