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We are happy to announce that we have secured funding for travel grants. We will use this money to refund the $100 deposit paid for housing, provided of course that your check was sent and deposited. Additionally, we have a small budget that we will use for additional travel grants for around 30 students. If you do not want to request additional funding then follow the instructions below to receive your $100 refund.

If you want to apply for additional travel support, then e-mail your request to and include a budget for your request. You must have original receipts for all items in your budget (except for the $100 deposit). You will then receive an e-mail indicating the amount of travel support we can provide you. If we receive requests for more support than we can provide, some of your requests may be declined.  Do not send us the original receipts until we inform you of the exact amount we can provide to you.

The deadline for completing either option is September 30, 2009.


Instructions for receiving $100 refund:

  1. Open the Northwestern Travel reimbursement form at: using Acrobat reader if possible.
  2. In the dept. code field of the form type the code EEC - this   will change the bar code in the pdf file to include the letters EEC. (This will work only if you use Acrobat reader.)
  3. Fill in the middle section of the form including your name and the address you want the check sent to. For the purpose of the trip, list "attend IT School."  For the travel expenses: list only $100 under hotel room and tax.
  4. Print out the form and be sure to sign it. 
  5. Send the form to:

Maurice Parris
Dept. of EECS
Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Rd.
Evanston, IL 60208

Past schools
2008 School of IT 
  • Information Theory Society
  • Northwestern University - Master of Science in Information Technology Program.
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Southern California
Providing support
  • DARPA - IT MANET Program
  • ARO
  • NSF