Technical Co-sponsorship Guidelines

Conferences seeking technical co-sponsorship, but not financial backing, of the IEEE IT Society, must submit an application. IT Society BoG approval of the application is required before the conference can display the IEEE or IT Society logo on its promotional material. Carefully read the following guidelines.

There is a two-step process for application submission:

  • STEP 1. Submit a conference application online, via the   IEEE Conference Exchange   (ICX). There you will be provide information about the event, location, technical program, etc.  
  • STEP 2. Email the Conference Record Number and IEEE Conference Application PDF obtained in Step 1 to the   IT Society President   and   Conference Committee Chair . The Conference Committee will make a recommendation to the BoG, and then the BoG will decide whether to approve. The Conference Committee Chair will notify the conference organizers of the outcome.

If approved, the IT Conference Committee Chair will notify the IEEE Conference Exchange (ICX).  If verified, the conference is assigned an IEEE number and is listed on the IEEE Conferences list.

NOTE TO ORGANIZERS ABOUT  HANDLING NON-PRESENTED PAPERS: One of the most challenging issues for IEEE conference organizers is dealing with accepted papers that are not presented, for whatever reason. Like many issues, planning and preparation are needed to properly address those situations that will occur.

   Organizers are expected to provide an appropriate and adequate forum and time for oral presentation and discussion of all accepted papers. The

conference committee should work to minimize author no-shows by ensuring an author has every opportunity to attend and present. This includes:

* Submitting your conference for IEEE approval early (12 months or more

before) to allow adequate lead time for venue selection, contracting and

communication (as examples).

* Making hotel, travel and visa information accessible to authors as early

as possible, plus supporting individual requests in a timely and thorough


* Offering presentation alternatives as the Conference Committee deems


   Authors who offer a paper for presentation at an IEEE conference or accept

an invitation to present a paper are expected to be present at the meeting

to deliver the paper. If unforeseen circumstances prevent its presentation

by an author, the program chair should be informed immediately, and

reasonable substitute arrangements should be made, in line with the

approach adopted by the technical program committee in the planning stages. 

   Organizers and the conference sponsors have the right to exclude any paper

from distribution (or limit its distribution) if the paper was not

presented at the conference. If they choose that approach, organizers must

clearly communicate the following to all authors prior to or at the time of

submission (with special attention on the Call-For-Papers): 

"IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the

conference (for example, removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not

presented at the conference.

   Papers excluded from further distribution will be archived at IEEE but

will not be indexed or appear in IEEE Xplore."

   For more details, please see the IEEE Meetings & Conferences Operations