Bits Magazine ITSOC

Information for Authors

We invite tutorial articles that provide a new perspective on traditional topics or emerging/interdisciplinary areas. We do not host papers presenting previously unpublished results. The first step is to submit an article white paper, following the article white paper instructions; upon approval of the white paper, the second step is to submit a full article for review, following the full article submission instructions.

Article white paper submission instructions

An article proposal consists of a short writeup (up to three pages single column 11 point font size). This should include information on authors (short bio), title, short description of the main topic and its timeliness, specific papers covered (references) and structure of the proposed full tutorial article.


Full article submission instructions

Each article would include up to 12 double column pages including references, 11 point font size, at least one figure (to be hosted at the website), up to 30 references, at least 1.25" margin on left and right sides, and 1" margin from top and bottom.


Special Issues

We also invite proposals for special issues that collect tutorial articles focused around a specific topic. A proposal for a special issue should include the following information: Proposed topic and its importance; Guest editors team and their qualifications; Tentative timeline of submission and review process.