BoG Meeting, CISS 2009

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BoG Meeting, CISS 2009

Start: 03/18/09 - 2:00 PM
End: 03/18/09 - 6:00 PM
Location: Sherwood Room, Levering Hall, Johns Hopkins University
Location URL:

5:30pm: Buffet Dinner Begins

6:15-6:30: President's report (Goldsmith), Presentation

BOG VOTE: Conference Committee Chair as Voting BoG Member

BOG VOTE: President and 1st VP as Conference Committee Members

6:30-6:50: Treasurer's report (Sahai)

6:50-7:15: Publications Committee Report (Biglieri - Goldsmith presenting)

BOG VOTE: New AE Approval (Lops, Yates, Moustakas, Erez, Serpedim, Blaum)

7:15-7:30: Pareja Upgrade report (Grant) Presentation Full Report

7:30-7:50: Membership/Chapters Committee report (Caire)

7:50-8:00: Break

8:00-8:10: Awards Committee Report (Kschischang)

8:10-8:20: Bylaws Committee Report (Forney) 

BOG VOTE: Joint Comsoc/ITSoc Paper Award Bylaw

8:20-8:30: Nominations/Appointments Committee Report (Forney)

BOG VOTE: Hajek to replace Grant as Conference Committee Chair at term end

BOG VOTE: Slate of candidates (Massey and Grant) to replace Koetter on N/A committee

8:30-8:45: Conference Committee Report (Grant - Hajek presenting)

Report: ISIT 2009 Seoul
Report & Budget: ISIT 2013 Turkey
Proposal & Budget: ITW 2010 Dublin

8:45-9:05: Online Committee Report (Laneman)

BOG VOTE: Formalize Online Committee as a Standing Committee with an operating budget and Associate Online Editors

9:05-9:15: Newsletter Report (Ho)

9:15-9:20: Newsletter-Online Solicitation and Submissions Report (Ho)

9:20-9:30: Fellows Committee Report (Costello)

9:30-9:45: Student Committee Report (Yener - Goldsmith presenting)

BOG VOTE: Additional Funding for 2009 No America Student School 

9:45-9:55: Outreach Committee Report (Medard)

9:55-10:00: New Business

10pm: Adjourn

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