BoG Meeting @ ISIT 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia

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BoG Meeting @ ISIT 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia

Start: 07/31/11 - 8:00 AM
End: 07/31/11 - 2:00 PM
Location: ISIT 2011 conference hotel, Room "Green 6+7"
Location URL:




11:45: Arrival

12:00-13:00: Lunch

President's and Treasurer's Reports

13:10-13:15: Introductions

BoG VOTE: approval of the minutes of previous meeting (BoG minutes ITA La Jolla, February 6, 2011)

BoG VOTE: approval of the agenda

13:15-13:20: President's Report [Caire]

13:20-13:40: Treasurer's Report [Caire for Jindal]

Reports of Standing Committees


13:40-13:50: Nominations and Appointments [Goldsmith]
  • N&A Committee Report (report)
  • Presentation of the candidates nominated by the N&A committee for the 2012 BoG election [Nominees and Bios]; nominations from BoG members.
  • BoG VOTE:  approval of candidates for 2011 Society Officers election

13:50-14:50: Publications [Bolcskei] [bios] [slate] [report]


14:50-15:20: Awards Committee [Medard]

BoG VOTE: ITsoc. best paper award - Please see password-protected report (password was sent to BoG members via e-mail)

IT Paper Award Recommendation

Baker Award report

First VP report

15:20-15:30: Break (hopefully with coffee)


15:30-15:55: Membership and Chapters [Kramer]

  1. Chapter of the Year Award
  2. 2011 Schools: European and North American and Oulu Wireless
  3. 2012 Schools: European and North American
  4. BoG Vote: Funding Requests for 2012 IT Schools

15:55-16:20: Conferences [Hajek] report

   Approvals for meetings:

    • ITW 2012 (Lausanne)  Bog Vote: approval of budget expense,income 
    Proposals for ISIT 2015 (Hong Kong, Melbourne
          Bog Vote: Approval of a proposal for ISIT 2015
            (comment from BoG member Max Costa)

        Proposals for tech co-sponsorship: 

    • International Symposium on Problems of Redundancy in Information and Control Systems, September 2012 (Saint Petersburg) Bog Vote: Approval of application for technical co-sponsorship, including Xplore access
    • IEEE Swedish Communication Technologies Workshop (Sweets) 2011   Bog Vote: Approval of application for technical co-sponsorship, including Xplore access
    • International Symposium on Turbo Codes and Iterative Information Processing, August 2012   Bog Vote: Approval of application for technical co-sponsorship, including Xplore access


    16:20-16:50: Students [Yener]


    16:50-17:00: Break (hopefully with coffee)


    17:00-17:30: Online [Bloch] [report]


     Discussion Items


    17:30-17:45  Community activities to support research, develop compelling research visions, and foster opportunities to implement those visions -- A case study [Effros]


    17:45-17:50: Other business


    17:50: Adjournment



    Table of Contents

    IEEE TechNav

    Latest News
    IEEE TV Profiles and Interviews
    The First Workshop on the Age of Information - Call For Papers
    ITSoc BoG contribution for newsletter

    Upcoming Events

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    02-03 Nov 2017 | MIT Grier Room 34-401, 50 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA, USA
    2017 IEEE Information Theory Workshop
    06-10 Nov 2017 | Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
    Fano Memorial in Turin
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