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More than ideas and applications, the IT Society is made up of people who participate in Society activities and are recognized for their achievements and service.
Board of Governors
The Board of Governors and its Officers lead the IT Society and oversee the activities of various Committees.
Society Chapters
The regional and local chapters of the Information Theory Society, with content information for the officers.
Constitution and ByLaws
The IT Society is run by an 18-member Board of Governors and Officers including the President, Vice Presidents, Past Presidents, Treasurer, and Secretary. Major areas of activity within the Society are coordinated through various Committees. The Constitution and ByLaws define how the Society is organized and its activities managed by these various groups.
Resources and information about diversity initiatives in the IT Society
Latest News
IEEE TV Profiles and Interviews
The First Workshop on the Age of Information - Call For Papers
ITSoc BoG contribution for newsletter

Upcoming Events

NSF Workshop on Low-Latency Wireless Random-Access at MIT
02-03 Nov 2017 | MIT Grier Room 34-401, 50 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA, USA
2017 IEEE Information Theory Workshop
06-10 Nov 2017 | Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Fano Memorial in Turin
10 Nov 2017 | Turin, Salone d'onore del Castello del Valentino.