Ad-hoc Meeting on Deep Learning & Coding | TAU, Israel, June 19, 2017

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Ad-hoc Meeting on Deep Learning & Coding, TAU, Israel, June 19, 2017

Ad-hoc Meeting on Deep Learning & Coding will take place at Tel Aviv University, Israel, on Monday, June 19, 2017.

As of today, the tentative agenda includes talks that will review and update on the current research covered by papers published during the last year on DL & coding, as follows: 


- Warren J. Gross, McGill University, Canada:

Neural Offset Min-Sum Decoding [arXiv:1701.05931]

         Loren Lugosch, Warren J. Gross

         To be presented at the 2017 International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT)


- Sebastian Cammerer, University of Stuttgart, Germany:

On Deep Learning-Based Channel Decoding [arXiv:1701.07738]

         Tobias Gruber, Sebastian Cammerer, Jakob Hoydis, Stephan ten Brink

         Presented at for CISS 2017

Scaling Deep Learning-based Decoding of Polar Codes via Partitioning [arXiv:1702.06901]

         Sebastian Cammerer, Tobias Gruber, Jakob Hoydis, Stephan ten Brink

         Submitted to Globecom 2017


Lior Wolf, Tel Aviv University, Isreal:



- Eliya Nachmani, Tel Aviv University, Israel:

Learning to Decode Linear Codes Using Deep Learning [arXiv:1607.04793]

         Eliya Nachmani, Yair Be'ery, David Burshtein

         Presented at the Allerton Conference 2016

RNN Decoding of Linear Block Codes [arXiv:1702.07560]

         Eliya Nachmani, Elad Marciano, David Burshtein, Yair Be'ery


These talks would be scheduled on Monday afternoon and be free and open to all interested faculty & students, as well as for participants from research institutions and industry. 

Informal discussions before and/or after the above talks are also expected.

Prompt indications on your participation would be much appreciated, as well as any further contributions to enrich this meeting would be considered to be included in the final program.

Updates and exact schedule & logistics would be posted when available.

Any comments are welcomed.

Look forward to seeing you at TAU !

Yair Be'ery

School of Electrical Engineering 
Tel Aviv University