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Program of the 2017 North-American School of Information Theory

 The final program is now available for download [here]



Poster session 1: Security, Statistics, and Machine Learning 

  • Covert Communication over Degraded Broadcast Channels
  • Covert Communication on Renewal Packet Channels
  • Secrecy by Learning an Adversary's Actions
  • Compound Multiple Access Wiretap Channel
  • Capacity the EM Covert/SideChannel Created by the Execution of Instructions
  • Multi-receiver Secrecy Models with More Capable Eavesdroppers
  • Dynamic Watermarking: Active Defense of Networked Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Sequential measurement-dependent noisy search
  • Reliability of Sequential Hypothesis Testing Can Be Achieved by an Almost-Fixed-Length Test
  • Hypothesis Testing under Maximal Leakage Privacy Constraints
  • Jackknife Estimation for Markov Processes with No Mixing Constraints
  • Latent Tree Approximation in Linear Model
  • Deep Learning for Joint Source and Channel Coding
  • Information Processing and Social Organization in Archaeology: Decoding Gregory A. Johnson’s Models of Decision Making
  • Distributed Statistical Machine Learning in Adversarial Settings: Byzantine Gradient Descent


Poster session 2: Coding and Signal Processing

  • Encoding of Spatially Coupled LDGM Codes for Lossy Source Compression
  • Lower Bounds for Quantized LDPC Min-Sum Decoders Based on Absorbing Sets
  • Towards a Proof of the GM-MDS Conjecture
  • Comparison of Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm for Compressive Sensing Problem
  • Deterministic Compressed Sensing: Recovery of Large Supports
  • Data-driven approaches for seismic event detection and location on dense surface array
  • Asynchronous Coded Caching
  • Secretive Coded Caching
  • Coded Caching for Combination Networks with Cache-Aided Relays
  • Optimizing Coded Caching for Heterogeneous Systems
  • Low Subpacketization Schemes for Coded Caching
  • Coded Computation for Distributed Channel Decoding
  • Capacity of the Energy Harvesting Channel with Block i.i.d. Energy Arrivals
  • Cover's Open Problem: ``The Capacity of the Relay Channel’’


Poster session 3: Communication Systems

  • Random multiple access codes for Gaussian MAC: Bounds via Dudley integral
  • Fundamental limits of random access communication with retransmissions
  • An Efficient Power Allocation Scheme for Multirelay Systems with Lossy Intra-Links
  • Noisy Beam Alignment Techniques for Reciprocal MIMO Channels
  • Network Coding Constructions for Wireless Distributed Storage Systems
  • Estimating The VLQ-based Rate-Stability Tradeoff of Multi-sensor Linear Control Systems
  • Strong Coordination Over Noisy Communication Channels: Separate Versus Joint Coding
  • Coordination With Clustered Common Randomness in a Three-Terminal Line Network
  • Information-Theoretic Analysis of Refractory Effects in the P300 Speller